Jazz Manouche Quartet

Of the Third Millennium Jazz Manouche “The freedom of evolution “

The quartet takes the listener by the hand and accompanies him on a journey from the origins of gipsy jazz to the present day. Changing scenes for sound landscapes are the key to this itinerary, rich in places and encounters. Sparkling, energetic, passionate, engaging music that makes you move that enchants and enriches, music with a gypsy spirit: with strong roots but constantly evolving. The best trip is the one that has not yet been done, and what you’ve never seen and played find it where you’ve never been explained Gio ‘Belli. With his quartet he brings to synthesis the many experiences accumulated to date: the love for gipsy is always present, but enriched by the many musical encounters and infected by the sensitivity of each member of the band. Alongside the talented guitarist and composer Giò Belli, the genius of internationally renowned clarinetist Nico Gori, the vigorous double bass player Mauro Mussoni and the young and energetic Marco Gelli on rhythm guitar. The repertoire is composed of original songs contained in the new album, released in June, and the great music of the European ethnic tradition “manouche” that blends with the American swing of the years 30-40.


GIO’ BELLI lead guitar
NICO GORI clarinet and saxophone
MAURO MUSSONI double bass
MARCO GELLI rhythm guitar

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